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PERA Board Selects Firm to Conduct Executive Director Search

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The PERA Board is making progress in its search for PERA’s next Executive Director. It formed an ad hoc executive search committee to oversee the process. The committee selected Hudepohl & Associates, a Florida-based firm with expertise in executive searches for public pension plans like PERA, to conduct a nationwide search.

The former Executive Director’s position has been vacant since June 1. Chief Investment Officer/Chief Operating Officer Amy C. McGarrity is serving as Interim Executive Director.

On Tuesday, the committee met to discuss its search timeline and objectives. The committee expects to meet again in early-to-mid October, and the entire process is expected to take several months to complete.

Taylor McLemore, chair of the ad hoc committee, said the committee will consider a wide variety of candidates, both internal and external, to find PERA’s next leader.

“Our mandate is to find the best person for the job,” McLemore said. “This is a significant organization that’s critical to our members, to our employees, and to this state, so we need to find the person who is going to take PERA forward on its mission and make it successful for all of our members and the employees they’re leading.”

Meetings of the ad hoc committee are open to the public and are streamed live on PERA members and others are invited to listen in to those meetings, and each includes time for public comment.

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  1. Jim Wessely says:

    I felt the 2023 town halls administrative responses were more legalese answers than genuine anti our questions. In addition it appears PERA is unwilling tackle the cost of living concerns impacting most of its members.

  2. robert says:

    Thank you for being so diligent in keeping pera members informed about the goings on of the executive director. By the way, why was the previous director dismissed?

    • PERA On The Issues says:

      Hi Robert, that decision was at the discretion of the Board. It has no impact on PERA’s ability to administer pension benefits for retirees or current members and did not involve criminal wrongdoing.

  3. Pixel Chi says:

    How much is the Board paying Hudepohl & Associates for their PERA Director search? And why was Hudepohl selected? Was there a test given to perspective headhunter candidates including Hudepohl and why and how did they finish on the test? Is a Director for PERA really needed these days?

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