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Golden Capitol Dome in Denver, Colorado

State Lawmakers Pass Six PERA-Related Bills in 2024 Legislative Session

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The Colorado State Capitol in summertime, framed by a green lawn and blue sky

Lawmakers Pass Bill to Refresh Study on Value of PERA’s Defined Benefit Plan

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An older woman sitting with students in a classroom

Understanding the Financial Impact of Working After Retirement

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The golden dome of the Colorado State Capitol under a partly cloudy sky

2024 Proposed Legislation Status

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The chambers of the Colorado House of Representatives

What to Expect in the 2024 Legislative Session

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The Colorado State Capitol building on an autumn day

Pension Review Commission Eyes Two Bills for 2024 Legislative Session

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A magnifying glass and calculator sit atop a pile of financial papers

PERA Receives Results of 2022 Financial Audit

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A view of the golden dome atop the Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver

PERA Oversight Underway at State Capitol Between Legislative Sessions

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United States capitol in Washington DC with a Social Security card and money

An Update on 2023 WEP/GPO Legislation

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