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News You Should Know: Which states offer retirees the best healthcare?

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Best and Worst States for Elderly Healthcare | MedicareGuide

A new analysis that compiled data from a variety of sources suggests that Colorado is the nation’s eighth-best state for healthcare for people over 65. The rankings assessed 24 factors that affect cost, quality, and access to care. Colorado ranked twelfth, sixth, and twenty-seventh, respectively, in those three subcategories. Of the 24 factors that went into this ranking, Colorado ranked best in the nation in one: lowest percentage of adults with type 2 diabetes.

Forget Something? Americans Have Left More Than $1 Trillion Sitting in Old 401(k)s, a New Study Finds | Money

Forget the lottery. Try logging on to your old accounts. While leaving funds parked in an employer’s 401(k) plan after you leave for another job isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are advantages to rolling it over to your next employer. And if you have multiple old accounts out there, you run the risk of losing track of those accounts.

Biden Expected to Advance a More Stringent Fiduciary Rule, Advocate for Retirement Income and ESG Investing | PlanAdviser

Rules that govern financial advisers and sponsors have been in flux for a few years. Advocates for stricter standards say that disclosure protects consumers, while opponents say the rules add costs. Other changes under consideration include rules surrounding how ESG investment options are treated and making it easier for defined contribution accounts to become sources of income in retirement.

Your Secret Weapon to Help Win the Retirement Saving Battle: Roth 401(k) | Kiplinger

Roth accounts are tax-advantaged retirement accounts in which you pay taxes upfront instead of when you make withdrawals. The Roth option is not limited to one type of retirement account: For example, you can have a Roth IRA, a Roth 457, a Roth 401(k), etc. This article walks through the benefits of using a Roth 401(k). Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The account(s) that work best for one person might not be a good fit for another. PERA members have access to Roth 401(k) accounts through PERAPlus. Even those who aren’t able to make contributions directly from their paychecks are still able to contribute to a traditional 401(k) and then make an in-plan conversion.

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Defined contributionA voluntary plan in which participants can save pre-tax income for retirement. Contributions are “defined” by the employee, but the future benefit is not guaranteed.


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