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News You Should Know: Smart things to do with your tax refund

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Here are some smart things to do with your tax refund | CNBC

It’s tax time, and that means many people are either expecting to receive or have received a tax refund, with the average American receiving about $3,000. Here are some money-smart ideas for using that refund — including saving it, investing it, and spending some of it on yourself.

Many Near-Retirees Don’t Understand Social Security Benefits | PlanAdviser

Social Security is an important part of many people’s retirement plan, including PERA members who have work experience outside of their PERA-covered employment. But more than a third of people nearing retirement age failed a basic Social Security quiz by MassMutual. Only 3% received a grade of A+ by answering all the questions correctly.

How to Retire Abroad—According to Those Who Have Done It | Condé Nast Traveler

Retirement can be an opportunity to go on adventures that were put off during a person’s working years, making life abroad an appealing choice. The cost of living in some parts of the world can also be cheaper than in the United States. Here are some important factors to consider and tips for getting started.

A living will may be the most important document you sign | MarketWatch

Estate planning often focuses on establishing a will to dictate what happens to a person’s assets when they die. A living will and advance directive, which tells relatives or others in charge of a person’s care what to do if they’re unable to make medical decisions on their own, is another vital document to have on file.

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