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News You Should Know: Federal Auto-IRA Bill Has Bipartisan Support

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Bipartisan Support Shown for Federal IRA in Re-Introduced Bill | PLANADVISER

Lawmakers in Congress are renewing efforts to establish a federal individual retirement account (IRA) program for workers who don’t have a retirement plan at work. The program would be similar to the automatic enrollment programs that multiple states, including Colorado, have launched in recent years.

Medicare Will Remove Limits on PET Scans Used With New Alzheimer’s Drugs | The Hill

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said it is removing its limit on covering PET scans that can help diagnose patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The decision will make it easier for Medicare recipients to get prescriptions for the newer Alzheimer’s medications that treat amyloid plaques in the brain.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Smished | Next Avenue

Scammers are constantly changing their tactics to try to fool people, and “smishing” — or phishing via text message — has become increasingly common. Here are some tips for spotting and avoiding scams from friendly-sounding text messages.

Baby Boomers’ Aging Could be a Caregiver Crisis for Millennials | Vox

Many people in the Baby Boomer generation are beginning to reach the age when they start to require more care. That means younger generations are finding themselves in a “sandwich” situation wherein they are simultaneously taking care of children and aging parents. Experts say it’s an important issue to discuss and plan for as parents get older.

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  1. wayne t descant says:

    just repeal WEP in louisiana quit giving our money away to other country. just take care of american first . thank you an have a great day.

    • CR says:

      1. Your comment is off-topic

      2. This is Colorado’s PERA website, not Louisiana’s.

      3. I agree that the WEP is a travesty, but literacy/education matters. Your post sounds like it’s from a foreign spambot. it’s the opposite of helpful.

  2. Carolyn Motzkus says:

    Just get rid of WEP!!!!!!! Why should we foot the bill.

  3. joanne foris-denner says:

    I agree. Let’s get rid of WEP. We need a stronger voice in Congress to fight for us.

  4. G M SANTO says:

    Government IRA Programs: Sop For Workers & Payoff To Wall Street!

    Our Congress just wants to appear to help those without retirement savings or plans, but what they really want to do is funnel more money to account management firms, financial advisors, and speculators (their political donors and masters).

    As for repealing WEP, vote against any Republican running for the U.S. House in the next election, all of the Democrats in Colorado’s federal delegation have signed on to legislation repealing WEP.

    As for the Democrats in the state house, they’re just as culpable as the Republicans for raiding PERA. So vote against Prop. HH because that’s money that should go to pay COLAs to PERA beneficiaries.

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