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More Ways to Connect to Upcoming PERA Town Hall Meetings

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Key points from this story:

  • PERA is hosting two interactive virtual town hall meetings on Wednesday, June 23
  • In the past, PERA called every member and retiree when the meeting started
  • New this year: PERA members and retirees can join on the web, over the phone, or on social media
  • Executive Director Ron Baker and Chief Investment Officer Amy C. McGarrity will discuss PERA’s 2020 Annual Report and provide other updates on PERA
  • Details about when and how to participate

Every year, Colorado PERA hosts town hall meetings following the release of its Annual Report. The same is true this year, but now participants will have more ways to connect.

In past years, PERA has called members and retirees on the phone to invite them to participate in the town hall. This year, instead of automatically calling members and retirees, PERA is taking a new approach that will incorporate video in addition to audio. This will allow connection via web, phone (opt-in), Facebook, and YouTube.

“Staying connected with our members has been one of our biggest priorities and challenges over the past year,” said Laura Morsch-Babu, PERA’s director of communications. “The result is that we’ve found innovative ways to provide service to our members, and the new town hall format is an extension of that effort. We’re proud to be able to offer multiple ways for our members to connect with us, learn more about PERA, and get answers to their questions.”

Below are details on the two town hall sessions and instructions on how to connect.

Event details

Date: Wednesday, June 23

Retiree Town Hall: 10:00 a.m. MT

Member Town Hall: 6:30 p.m. MT

PERA members or retirees may join whichever session works best for them, but the content of each session will be tailored to its intended audience.

Recordings will be available for anyone who is unable to participate.

What to expect

PERA Executive Director Ron Baker and Chief Investment Officer Amy C. McGarrity will discuss PERA’s 2020 Annual Report (set for release in mid-June) and provide other updates on PERA, as well as answer member and retiree questions. Topics of discussion will include:

  • PERA’s financial status
  • Investment returns
  • Member contributions and annual increases
  • Transitioning PERA’s DC plans from Voya to Empower Retirement

How to participate

There are multiple ways to join either Town Hall meeting:


  1. Jolene Cassa Granier says:

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  2. Jolene Cassa Granier says:

    Will retired members receive the raise in July?

  3. Chancy Lewis says:

    Although 70 yoa, I need to work and schools need substitutes with experience. I just completed a long-termed substitution so face the fall semester with my PERA allowed sub days depleted dramatically. As substitutes pay into PERA as they work, isn’t this limitation on sub days educationally harmful and economically detrimental to schools and retirees with the will and need to assist schools accomplish higher education goals? Are there considerations of rewriting this illogical portion of the PERA policies?

  4. Val Lambdin says:

    How do you access the recording if you are unavailable at that time?

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