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Retirement Roundup: Can You Undo an RMD This Year?

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A digest of news from publications around the nation about finance, investing, and retirement.

Retirees Don’t Have to Take Required Minimum Distributions This Year. But What If You Already Did? | Money

The CARES Act modified RMD rules for 2020. But for those who withdrew in the first few months of the year only because they thought they had to, you might be able to reverse that action.

Editor’s note: This article may not reflect how the CARES Act will impact PERA – please refer to PERA’s webpage for further information.

A conversation about what to expect when the Colorado legislature returns to the Capitol on Tuesday | The Colorado Sun

Political reporters discuss what they expect to see in the weeks ahead as the 2020 legislative session resumes. From big policy decisions to basic logistical questions like where members will sit, questions abound.

Colorado Unemployment Jumps To 11.3% As Pandemic Erases Jobs | KUNC

In early February, the unemployment rate in Colorado was as low as 2.5%. The rate has more than quadrupled since then. The prior record was 8.9%, set in 2010. Still, Colorado’s rate remains one of the lowest in the nation.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell: The 2020 60 Minutes interview | CBS News

In this video, the head of the central banking system discusses his thoughts on peak unemployment, what the Fed can do to aid the recovery, and other topics that everyone is thinking about.

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