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Retirement Roundup: Health care a top issue in Colorado legislature

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Colorado is forging ahead on new health care models while the nation waits | The Colorado Sun

“From a national perspective, [Colorado] is known as one of the cool places for health care reform, where people are trying new ideas,” according to Dr. Jay Want, executive director of the Peterson Center for Healthcare, who was featured in this story. From surprise billing protections to copay caps for insulin to the ongoing creation of a public option proposal, Colorado lawmakers are certainly making health care a priority. Some people, however, including hospital representatives, say that action is not synonymous with a good ideas, and are pushing back against some recent changes and proposals.

How to manage your 401(k) as the coronavirus upends the markets | CNBC

Stay the course. That’s what experts almost always prescribe when market volatility increases, as we’ve seen in the past few weeks. Despite that time-tested advice, many people still try to outsmart the unexpected when we see big swings in the market: Last Thursday, for example, trading activity was 11.37 times the average. Keeping the big picture at the forefront can help as we make our way through unpredictable conditions.

Adjusting the Retirement Savings Path | PlanSponsor

Unexpected events can alter even the most carefully constructed plans. In fact, half of all respondents in a recent poll said they were forced to “retire earlier than they would have liked.” Health issues and caring for family members are just two of many reasons people have needed to change course. So what can we do about it? This story suggests that instead of trying to predict the future, try gaming through different scenarios and save now to give yourself increased financial flexibility in the future.

A Fascinating Course On The Literature Of Retirement | Forbes

A University of Minnesota professor is teaching a course about retirement. No, John Watkins doesn’t teach finance or economics—he’s an English professor. The course, The Literature of Retirement: A Feeling For What Comes Next, is offered to students in the College of Continuing & Professional Studies. The course uses three texts: Quartet in Autumn, by Barbara Pym; The Sea, The Sea, by Iris Murdoch; and Shakespeare’s King Lear. Big life changes, including retirement, often force a person to reevaluate what’s important to them. For many, tackling those questions first requires opening up a good book.

VolatilityVolatility of returns is the measurement used to define risk. It describes the variation of price of a financial instrument over time. The greater the volatility, the higher the risk.

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