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News You Should Know: Will the Stock Market Continue Its Upward Climb?

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The Stock Market Has Soared This Year, But Will It Last? Experts Weigh In | ABC News

While some experts have been predicting a recession in the U.S. for months, the stock market continues to show significant gains, prompting debate about whether current trends will continue. Here’s what multiple experts say about the state of the economy and what may be in store for the months ahead.

Fed Launches Long-Awaited Instant Payments Service, Modernizing System | Reuters

The Federal Reserve launched a new system that aims to speed up and modernize money transfers in the United States. The system, called FedNow, will allow for instant transfers any time of day, eliminating the current days-long lag period when sending money. The service is launching with several dozen banks and service providers, with more expected to sign up.

Moderna, Merck Advance Cancer Vaccine Into Late-Stage Test | BioPharma Dive

Moderna and Merck are moving to the next phase of testing a promising new vaccine for cancer. The experimental mRNA vaccine can be personalized to a patient’s cancer, and researchers will be testing whether it’s effective in people who have had tumors removed and are at high risk of the cancer returning.

How to Navigate May-December Marriages at Retirement Time | Kiplinger

If you’re in a relationship with someone who is significantly older or younger, you may find yourselves in a tricky situation when the older partner reaches retirement age. Here are some things to consider and tips for navigating conflict when one partner enters another stage of life before the other.

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