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News You Should Know: Pension Costs Don’t Affect Education Spending, Study Finds

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Do Pension Expenditures Impact Education Spending? | NCPERS

Critics of defined benefit pension plans like what Colorado PERA offers often claim that the costs associated with providing the benefit drive up public spending on things like education. But research from the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems finds that isn’t true — education costs have been rising at a far quicker pace than pension contributions.

U.S. Workers Want Government to Require Employers to Offer Retirement Plans | Pensions & Investments

While not all private sector employers offer retirement plans to their workers, it’s clear there’s an appetite for them to do so. A recent survey found that more than three-quarters of American workers think employers should be required to offer retirement savings plans. Workers also strongly support requiring employers to make matching contributions to employees’ accounts.

July Goal Set for Final US Medicare Drug Negotiation Guidance | Reuters

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid are getting closer to finalizing their plans to directly negotiate some prescription drug prices with manufacturers. CMS plans to publish final guidance in July and then select the 10 costliest drugs for negotiations in September. Any lower prices wouldn’t take effect until 2026.

Why “Aging in Place” is a Growth Industry | Marketplace

As the costs associated with long-term care continue to rise, the idea of staying put and aging at home has become more attractive. Aging in place often requires modifications to make a home more accessible, and the business market for aging in place now exceeds $150 billion a year, with strong growth expected in the years to come.

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Defined benefitAlso known as a pension, this is a type of pooled retirement plan in which the plan promises to pay a lifetime benefit to the employee at retirement. The plan manages investments on behalf of members, and the retirement benefit is based on factors such as age at retirement, years of employment and salary history.

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