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News You Should Know: Medicare Releases First 10 Drugs in Price Negotiation Program

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Here Are the First 10 Drugs That Medicare Will Target For Price Cuts | NPR

Federal officials released their highly anticipated list of the first 10 prescription drugs for which Medicare will aim to cut prices as part of its new price negotiation program. The list includes popular blood thinners, diabetes medications, auto immune drugs, and others.

Powell Says Fed Could Raise Rates Again if Economy Doesn’t Cool | USA Today

At the Federal Reserve’s annual conference in Wyoming, Chair Jerome Powell hinted that the central bank isn’t going to be reducing interest rates any time soon. Powell said the economy still isn’t slowing down as much as expected, meaning additional hikes may be needed to rein in inflation.

Treasury Proposes Crypto Tax Reporting Rule. What It Means | CNBC

The federal government released proposed new regulations that would require brokers of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets to file tax forms beginning in 2025. Officials say the new rules are an effort to crack down on tax evasion on digital finance activity.

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