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News You Should Know: How Pensions Help Address Inequality in Retirement

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Closing the Gap: The Role of Public Pensions in Reducing Retirement Inequality | National Institute on Retirement Security

Saving enough money for retirement can be a challenge, and research has shown women and minorities are more likely to be behind on reaching their savings goals. New research from the National Institute on Retirement Security finds the steady, reliable income in public pension plans like Colorado PERA helps level the playing field in retirement, with the strongest impacts on Black and Latino retirees.

What the Fed’s Interest Rate Pause Means for Mortgages, Savings Accounts and More | Money

The Federal Reserve announced that it is holding its key interest rate steady — for now. Officials say another rate increase is possible before the end of the year, but here’s what to expect in the meantime.

Investment Fraud Soars | Next Avenue

Investment fraud schemes targeting older Americans have skyrocketed, totaling nearly $1 billion in 2022. Experts say limited knowledge of cryptocurrency and other new types of payments is one factor behind the rise. Here are some of the common types of scams to watch out for.

What To Know About IRS’ Catch-Up Contribution Guidance | Investopedia

Late last year, Congress passed a package of retirement-related reforms known as SECURE 2.0. That bill included an important change to catch-up contributions to retirement accounts for workers age 50 and older. The IRS has since said it will allow a grace period of several years to allow people to adjust to the new rules.

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