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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of PERA Benefits

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How well do you know the PERA benefits that Colorado PERA provides?

Whether you’re new to PERA, or you’ve been working for a PERA employer for 20 years, it’s important to know how a monthly benefit is calculated, benefit options and other basics.

The quiz below takes just a few minutes to complete and includes links to helpful information on PERA’s website.


Test Your Knowledge of PERA Benefits

How well do you know the benefits that Colorado PERA provides? Take this short quiz to test your knowledge!

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Which factors are used to calculate a retirement benefit in the PERA Defined Benefit Plan?

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If you leave your PERA-covered job, you must forfeit your contributions.

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Which of the following is the PERA Board of Trustees responsible for setting?

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The longer you work for a PERA employer, the higher your retirement benefit will be.

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You may be eligible to buy service credit in the PERA Defined Benefit Plan to retire earlier or increase your benefit.

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Colorado PERA has been around longer than Social Security.

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In addition to retirement benefits, which other benefits does PERA provide to eligible members?

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How many years of service does a benefit recipient need in order to receive the maximum PERACare premium subsidy?

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Which of the following options are available to PERA Defined Benefit Plan members when they retire?

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PERA only offers a defined benefit (pension) retirement plan.

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PERA offers free online webinars to learn more about benefits and the retirement process.

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Resources for learning more about PERA benefits:


  1. Stu Padaso says:

    Who gives a sh*t about these tests and puzzles? Roll back current annual raises to 3.5% minimum and quit playing these stupid games.

    • Jolene says:

      I agree with Stu!!!

    • Carolyn DE Carolis says:


    • Paula says:

      Time to make amends for breaching contract in 2010. Hell, 25-30% of the affected group is already dead, and getting NO benefits !! PERA has wrung enough out of that group. Change it to a CPI indexed COLA beginning 2025. And repay a lump sum to the leftover class of 2010.

  2. Phil says:

    Out of line stu-p. It used to be called an educational moment. Be positive and constructive, write your congress people to encourage wep passage.

    • Debra Blesh says:

      try very hard to write our WEP people but access is limited and i keep getting canned letters thanking me for my contact….Congress seems broken for the common citizen. Our current 1% increase keeps getting us further behind in paying our bills.

  3. Tamera says:

    I am grateful for my retirement. And it is a blessing to get any kind of increase.

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