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Retirement Roundup: Recession Effects on State Pensions

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A digest of news from publications around the nation about finance, investing, and retirement.

Sudden-Stop Recession Pressures U.S. States’ Funding For Pension And Other Retirement Liabilities | S&P Global

Nationally, pensions have been improving funding discipline, according to this report. But economic woes could undermine some of this progress. Colorado was mentioned for its “notable reforms,” though the story also noted the suspension of the direct distribution will have an effect.

2020 Election: Retirement Security | Kiplinger

Presidential campaigns are full of ideas. Many of these ideas wouldn’t get off the ground without Congress agreeing to pass the necessary legislation. So why listen? Presidents have the ability to shape debate, set priorities, and persuade the public, which can end up making a difference. So when Presidents share ideas to, for example, change the way Medicare works, people listen.

Selecting TDFs Ending in Zero Can Affect Your Retirement Savings?  | National Association of Plan Advisors

Do you invest in a target date fund? If so, what’s your birthday? That might seem like a strange question, but researchers found that your birth year can influence your investment choices, and not always for the best. People have a tendency to choose target date funds that end in a zero (2020, 2030, etc.) over those that end in a five, even if the latter is closer to their target date. As a result, people with a birth year of eight or nine tend to select funds designed for retirement around age 60, while those born in years ending with zero, one, or two tend to select funds with a retirement age closer to 70.

Retirement expert: The ‘do-nothing’ approach is not great advice right now | Yahoo! Money

Are you a do-nothing retirement planner? This article shows two types of “do-nothing” approaches to beware of. The first is never reviewing or updating your retirement plan. While many retirement plans allow you to put your investments on “autopilot,” this doesn’t take into account changes that take place in your life and outlook. The second “do-nothing” approach is to avoid the topic of retirement savings altogether.


  1. Steve McCulloch says:

    Regarding the S&P Global report, it appears we are at the bottom of the heap on Chart 3 in terms of Static Funding Shortfall. I thought the reforms had improved this. Also I’m not sure I understand the OPEB shortfall. I thought the PERA contribution to medical was fixed and that the medical portion of the fund was 100% funded. This report on page 11 shows we are only 24.5% funded.

  2. sikis says:

    If you want to use the photo it would also be good to check with the artist beforehand in case it is subject to copyright. Best wishes. Aaren Reggis Sela

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