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Retirement Roundup: Estate Planning Tips

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A digest of news from publications around the nation about finance, investing, and retirement.

Crisis Makes Estate Planning More Urgent | Morningstar

The risk of suddenly falling gravely ill—or worse—is suddenly a watercooler topic. Considering these situations can be unpleasant, but it could provide the impetus to do something constructive about it: create or update your estate plan. In this Q&A, learn how and where to get started.

Are you considering a COVID-19 induced early retirement? | South Florida Sun Sentinel

The global pandemic has upended more than summer plans. People are reconsidering where they live, how they’ll work, and, in some cases, if they’ll work for much longer. If you suddenly find yourself drawn to the idea of beginning retirement sooner than you had planned this time last year, think through these important questions first.

Retirement-Age Households Show a ‘Chunk or Nothing’ Withdrawal Pattern | PlanSponsor

How do you think you’ll use your 401(k), 457, or other retirement account in retirement? Will you withdraw a set amount every month or year, or will you take withdrawals for big-ticket items? This article shares research that shows that nearly half of retirees take out nothing, letting their investments grow, or take out a “chunk,” defined to be eight percent of the account balance or more.

Three vital estate planning documents for graduating seniors | Portland Press Herald

Turning 18 marks the beginning of adulthood, symbolically and legally. While, to this point, paperwork has meant homework, it now means something different. The author of this article suggests 18 is not too young to sign your name on documents indicating your healthcare proxy, HIPPA release, and power of attorney. You might not need them for decades, but you’ll be thankful you have them if you need them sooner.

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