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Retirement Roundup: Conflicting signals in the stock market


A digest of news from publications around the nation about finance, investing, and retirement.

Stocks Are Still Down. But Are They Actually Cheap? | Money

The stock market has settled down since the dramatic volatility experienced during the first few weeks after COVID-19 appeared in the United States. But that doesn’t mean questions have gone away. Most major indexes, like the S&P 500, are down for the year. However, stocks mounted a vigorous comeback at the end of April despite a historic rise in unemployment and reports of serious economic consequences for states and local governments. What’s an investor to do? This story unpacks a few of the variables to consider.

Information, Health and Food Assistance During COVID-19 Outbreak in Colorado | AARP Colorado

AARP has compiled a list of helpful resources Coloradans can use if you, a friend, or neighbor needs assistance.  

2020 Presidential Candidates’ Proposed Changes to the Social Security Retirement Program | Boston College, Center for Retirement Research

The Center for Retirement Research has updated this list throughout the 2020 Presidential campaign. PERA On The Issues shared the document when there were still a number of candidates. Now that the race is down to two, see which Social Security policies each candidate has backed.

10 Questions Retirees Often Get Wrong About Taxes in Retirement  | Kiplinger

Understanding your income in retirement requires understanding your tax situation. Your tax bracket might change, you might have multiple sources of income, and you might face Required Minimum Distributions at some point. This overview can help get you started.

VolatilityVolatility of returns is the measurement used to define risk. It describes the variation of price of a financial instrument over time. The greater the volatility, the higher the risk.


  1. David Prok says:

    How is PERA sustainable in this unprecedented economy?

  2. Bill says:

    Pera should be more conservative with investments; perhaps now is the time to go to a greater cash position.
    who thinks the market will increase in the next quarter with so much potential for bankruptcies? Go to cash now! What are you waiting for … the airlines to come back? Give it up.

  3. bill says:

    go to cash

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