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Retirement Roundup: Colorado Purchasing Alliance Aims to Lower Health Care Prices

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Coronavirus complicated efforts to lower Colorado’s health care prices. But one idea is still moving forward. | The Colorado Sun

Earlier this year, Colorado lawmakers were sizing up major legislation aimed at controlling health care costs. Coronavirus put a halt to those plans. The Colorado Purchasing Alliance, led by Colorado Business Group on Health executive director Robert Smith, is seeking to change the way hospital prices are negotiated. Under his new model, multiple employers and people who buy health insurance on their own band together to negotiate, under the premise that a larger group leads to a stronger negotiating position. Some hospitals have voiced skepticism, however.

Yes, the World is on Fire. Here’s Why I Started Saving for Retirement Anyway | Money

It’s been a grim year. Thinking about the future can seem daunting. “That’s a dangerous—and wildly misinformed—mindset,” according to this article. Making plans doesn’t mean you’ll find all the answers, and that’s OK.

Planning For Retirement Health Care Expenses | Forbes

Most people know health care isn’t cheap. Why, then, do so many pre-retirees “badly underestimate” this universal retirement expense? One reason is that the future of health care—not to mention your health—contains many unknowns. However, we do know of a few price tags that are somewhat predictable. This article lists a few things to get you started.

Could You Be Worrying Too Much About Financial Security Due to the Pandemic? | AARP Articles about personal finance often use low-grade fear as motivation (e.g. “Will you have enough to retire?”; “Most Americans couldn’t come up with $400 in an emergency—could you?”). Amid the pandemic, these concerns can be even more worrisome. This article brings some perspective, showing that, while some money concerns can truly be urgent, you might, in fact, be worrying

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