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News You Should Know: What to Expect With Next Year’s Tax Return

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10 Tax Changes That Could Affect the Size of Your Refund Next Year | CNET

The IRS is giving taxpayers a heads up that next year’s tax refunds could be much different than this year – smaller, in many cases. That’s because of a number of important changes, including the end of federal stimulus payments and changes to some common tax credits.

5 Major Revelations About the Collapse of Crypto Giant FTX | NPR

Before its sudden demise in early November, FTX was one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges for those looking to buy and sell digital currency. Many are now left wondering what happened to their money. Bankruptcy proceedings show the company was rife with issues that may have contributed to its downfall.

Dementia Rates Fall 30 Percent, Likely Due to Better Health, Higher Education Levels: Study | McKnights

New research finds the prevalence of dementia in older Americans has fallen substantially in recent years ­­– from 12.2% in 2000 to 8.5% in 2016. Researchers also say gaps in dementia prevalence between men and women, as well as other demographic groups, have narrowed during that time. An increase in the average level of education could be a big reason for the shift.

Women Have Made Big Strides In Retirement Readiness | AARP

Fewer women are relying on a spouse for their retirement income, and new research finds that since the passage of Title IX, women who remain single are just as prepared for retirement as married couples. However, disparities such as the pay gap between men and women continue to pose challenges to women’s financial footing.

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  1. Sandra Arkland says:

    Thank you for keeping our money safe. I ask for info on the Medicare supplement and all I received was an application. I went with advantage plan because I have to make decisions by 12/7.


    CSU sponsored retirement IRA with VALIC
    First it was VALIC than AIG and now it disappeared into Corebridge Investments.
    They do not correspond with the clients, refer to their website only that says the account is locked. The phone is giving recorded messages no people to get information from. Did we loose our IRA investments? they should deduct and give us the IRS required amount or we be responsible for not deducting from our IRA savings, a crime.
    I realize PERA does not to do anything with VALIC but I dont know where to turn to save our CSU sponsored IRAs

  3. Sharon Baker says:

    I read several places how United Healthcare Advantage along with other insurance companies are ripping off the government for millions/billions of dollars (our taxes) but PERA continues to offer only the United Healthcare Advantage for those of us living out of state. When I wrote to PERA regarding my concerns they did not respond. Shouldn’t United be lowering the premiums since they already have so much of our tax money?

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