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News You Should Know: SECURE 2.0 Passes in Year-End Budget Legislation

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SECURE 2.0 Act Changes 401(k), IRA, Roth, Other Retirement Plan Rules | Kiplinger

The package of retirement-related legislation known as SECURE 2.0 was included in the budget bill that President Biden signed into law in late December. The legislation includes dozens of new provisions, including raising the age for Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), automatically enrolling employees in their workplace retirement plans, and allowing employers to make matching contributions to an employee’s retirement plan based on the employee’s student loan payments.

4 New Colorado Laws and What They Mean for Your Wallet | 9News

The new year brings with it some new state laws now in effect, including some that could affect your finances. Changes from the new laws include a higher minimum wage in Colorado and the beginning of payroll deductions for the state’s new Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) program.

With Growing Backlog at the IRS, Millions of Americans Still Waiting for Their Tax Refunds | CBS News

Something to be aware of as we head into another tax season — the IRS is still struggling to work through a backlog of millions of tax returns from prior years. While the agency has ramped up hiring to tackle the backlog, the IRS is warning taxpayers not to plan on or expect any 2022 tax year refund by any particular date.

9 Retirement Tips for Solo Agers | Reviewed

Planning for one’s retirement can be a challenge, especially for those who don’t have a partner or family they can rely on for help. If you’re facing the prospect of retiring alone, or think you might, here are some factors to consider and tips from financial planners.

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  1. Kevin Follett says:

    PERA needs to work on getting retirees more than a 1% COLA. With 8% inflation we are losing purchasing power every year!

    • Judy Varner says:

      With a new Congress in session in DC, PERA should work with them to get rid of WEP. Eliminating WEP would be more helpful than a one per cent increase. Please consider this.

      • Jon Bergmann says:

        I agree – we are all struggling with inflation and with record inflation our buying power as retirees gets less each year. But wep is also a huge problem.

    • Carolyn DE Carolis says:

      YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! Feds received 8.7% retirement & salary raise. PERA is so lax fighting for it’s retires. A 25 year PERA retiree is so far behind in benefits it is sad to even discuss.

  2. Russell Bromby says:

    Will the new Family and Medical Leave Insurance program deduction be assessed on PERA checks? Seems like something that should be addressed for PERA retirees.

    • PERA On The Issues says:

      Hi Russell, only employers and employees pay into the new FAMLI program. Retirees will not see a deduction from their benefit payments.

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