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News You Should Know: Scammers Increasingly Targeting Older Adults

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Why Finance Cons Target Older Adults, and How to Protect Yourself | NerdWallet

Fraudsters have been increasing their efforts to scam older Americans out of their money in recent years. The latest data from the FBI show losses of $3.4 billion last year from scams targeting people who are 60 and older, an 11% increase from the previous year. Here are some tips for spotting and avoiding some common scam techniques.

How 55,000 Coloradans Are Saving Up for Retirement | The Colorado Sun

Colorado SecureSavings, the state-facilitated retirement plan for private-sector workers without access to a plan through their employer, has enrolled more than 50,000 workers in its first year. In total, workers have saved more than $50 million, and the program is on track to nearly double its participants by the end of this year.

IRS Free File Tax Program Has Been Extended Through 2029 | CNBC

The IRS is continuing its Free File partnership with tax software companies while it determines the future of its own direct-file program. The Free File program, which allows some taxpayers to file their taxes using third-party software without paying fees, will continue through 2029. As for the agency’s plans for Direct File, which several states piloted this past tax filing season, the IRS expects to announce more soon.

What the Creator of the 401(k) Thinks of the Retirement Plan Now | Next Avenue

Ted Benna is credited with creating the first 401(k) retirement plan by taking advantage of new legislation in the early 1980s. Today, he says the plans haven’t quite lived up to their potential and he’s on a mission to help lower-income workers save more money for retirement.

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  1. Rob D. says:

    “Scammers” Increasingly Targeting Older Adults?

    Yea, I’ve been warning PERA retirees about PERA Board & Staff (PERA B.S.) and Political Officials of the State (P.O.S.) for years now!

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