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News You Should Know: Older Coloradans Flocking to Community College Classes

A diverse group of older men and women sitting in a classroom. One of the women is raising her hand.
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Community College Courses in Demand for Older Coloradans Wanting Interaction | The Colorado Sun

Community colleges across Colorado are seeing strong demand for continuing education among retirees. Demand is particularly high in rural communities, where seniors wait in line to register for courses in the arts, fitness, history, and other subjects. Participants say that in addition to learning something new, the classes are an opportunity to meet new friends and stay active.

The Federal Reserve is Pausing Rate Hikes for the First Time in 15 Months. Here’s the Financial Impact. | CBS News

The Federal Reserve has been aggressively raising its key interest rate for over a year now in an effort to tamp down inflation. The latest data show those efforts appear to be working, so the Fed is pausing its rate hikes — for now. Officials have indicated that two more rate hikes are possible before the end of the year.

What Makes a Crypto Asset a Security in the U.S.? | Reuters

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently gone after several major cryptocurrency exchanges, alleging they have been operating as unregistered securities exchanges in the U.S. Up for debate is what the government considers a security and which digital assets fit the bill.

What Gen X Needs to Know About Their Aging Parents’ Finances | Kiplinger

Surveys often show a large percentage older Americans don’t have their estates in order, and they often haven’t discussed their plans and needs with their children. As Gen Xers reach the age when they’ll start caring for their aging parents, it’s important to have a sense of those needs and the associated costs ahead of time.

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