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News You Should Know: New Factors in Colorado’s Ongoing Fight Against High Hospital Costs

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Why Colorado’s Ongoing Fight Against High Hospital Prices Is Now A Lot More Complicated | The Colorado Sun

A recently released report found Colorado is one of the most expensive states in the country for hospital care. The state is pushing for hospitals to lower costs, and hospitals say they’re making progress, but the COVID-19 pandemic has added another element to the conversation.

Are Rising Interest Rates Making Savings Accounts a Smart Option Again? | Yahoo! Finance

While rising interest rates can have negative effects on some aspects of consumer finances, one area that stands to benefit is saving accounts. Banks are likely to start offering higher interest rates on savings accounts, though it may take some time to see those changes take effect.

Which of the 3 Financial Phases Are You In? | Kiplinger

Your financial life can be divided into three distinct phases: build and grow, transition, and distribute and deploy. Which stage you’re in isn’t determined by just your age but also what your priorities and goals are.

Your Aging Parents Need Care: What Can You Do? | Forbes

Aging can be a difficult topic to discuss, especially with elderly parents who may be facing losing some of their independence. Here are some tips from an expert on when and how to start those tough conversations.

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  1. J Sully Hi JJ! says:

    In Santa Barbara, CA, an outpatient surgery cost $10K more than in adjacent areas. I couldn’t get the insurance company to give me the names of potential providers in those areas. They’d obviously covered the same surgery in the other counties.
    I ended up getting it in Santa Barbara but would have preferred to help keep the costs down for our insurance.
    Perhaps costs can be cut by the insurance company’s actions too.

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