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News You Should Know: Manufacturers raise drug prices

Drugmakers raise prices 3.3% in New Year | Marketwatch

Drug prices are going up again. According to a recent study, manufacturers increased the price of more drugs compared to a year ago, though the average increase, 3.3%, is lower than in recent past (last year’s average increase was 5.8%). Will consumers think this is good news? Unlikely. What is likely is that the price of drugs will remain a hot topic in Washington.

COVID-19 alters retirement horizons | Benefits Pro

The reverberations the global pandemic is having on retirement planning continue to be felt—and measured. A recent study showed that nearly a million more Baby Boomers reported they were retired than is typical. Those who are still working, however, said they are pushing their eventual retirement date farther out due to the financial impact.

If Retirement Planning Sounds Greek to You, You’re on the Right Track | Kipligner

“What if Aristotle were your financial professional?” That’s right – the Greek philosopher who’s been dead for two millennia. With that opening thought experiment, this article takes the conversation of retirement planning off the deeply-rutted path of familiar analogies and “time-tested” advice and onto a path that’s more…off trail.

Should You Save for Retirement or Pay Down Debt First? | Mooresville Tribune

It’s easy to make an argument for saving for retirement instead of buying a new boat. But what if the alternative were instead something equally financially noble – paying off debt? It’s a question nearly everyone faces at some point. And there’s no easy answer. The best place to start is to lay out what’s at stake in order to make a clear-eyed decision.

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  1. Matts Djos, Ph.D. says:

    Might be nice if you offered an occasional cost of living— the dusky past is receding into the shadows of ancient history—leaves us standing (humbly) on the roadside—
    aahh…life goes on.. —for some

  2. David S Prok says:

    So, is there any increase in benefits in 2021? With so many prices and costs escalating everywhere one turns, our COLA must be inline to afford a decent life style. With new administration, taxes and costs will continue to soar!!!

  3. Rebecca Whiting says:

    I am just grateful to be a PERA member, and not dependent on SS. Thankfully not on any meds yet, but will get there eventually, I suspect. I appreciate all that you do.

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