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News You Should Know: Lawmakers Seek to Expand Medicare Coverage

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House Ways and Means Committee Approves Medicare Expansion | Yahoo! News

Lawmakers in Congress are pursuing an effort to expand Medicare coverage to include vision, hearing and dental care. Vision coverage would be the first benefit to be added to Medicare, starting in 2022, with hearing coverage coming in 2023 and dental coverage in 2028. Lawmakers hope to have the proposal included in a budget reconciliation package that’s in the works.

House Committee Advances Automatic Retirement Plan Proposal | Pensions&Investments

Another proposal being considered during the budget reconciliation process is one that would require employers that don’t offer retirement plans to automatically enroll their employees in an IRA or 401(k). Employers would not be required to match employee contributions, but they would face a penalty for failing to offer a retirement plan.

The Social Security Trust Fund Is in Better Shape Than Expected. For Now. | ThinkAdvisor

The 2021 Social Security Trustees Report projects the trust fund that pays benefits to retirees will be depleted by 2033, which is one year earlier than predicted in the previous report. However, the news isn’t as bad as some expected during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there’s still time for lawmakers to take action.

Social Media’s 70-Up ‘Grandfluencers’ Debunking Aging Myths | AP News

A growing number of older Americans are signing up for social media apps like Instagram and TikTok to fight stereotypes about what it means to age. These “grandfluencers” are turning their life experience and perspectives into popular — and sometimes lucrative — followings.

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  1. Deborah L Bay says:

    What will the cost continue as for health care, vision, and dental for me? I received a letter from Medicare telling me to call United Healthcare for information about reduced cost. I have been pleased with my healthcare with Perea and would appreciate updated information.

    • PERA On The Issues says:

      Hi Deborah, if you’re enrolled in PERACare, we’ll be able to share more specific information about your plan cost during open enrollment in October. As far as the Medicare expansion above is concerned, right now it’s just a proposal and nothing has changed.

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