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News You Should Know: Investors Held Steady in 2020

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Opinion: Few 401(k) participants changed portfolio allocation when market tanked | Marketwatch

Financial experts often advise individuals to hold steady during times of market volatility rather than trying to “time the market,” which means guessing whether investments will go up or down in the short term. Data from Morningstar shows that during 2020’s market volatility, the vast majority of investors heeded this advice. About 19 out of 20 people in this dataset didn’t changed their allocation in the first quarter last year. People who use target-date funds were the least likely to change their holdings.

As legislative session gets ready to restart, economic recovery tops lawmakers’ list of priorities | The Denver Channel

Colorado’s legislature is back in session. Again. After a month-long hiatus, lawmakers are working through a growing pile of bills. Addressing the pandemic and economic recovery are the top priorities. But other issues, including transportation and education funding and police reform, made this list of pressing issues. (Note: PERA On The Issues monitors the legislature for any PERA-related legislation on this page and will provide updates as they occur.)

High-income taxpayers help some states stay above water | Marketplace

Altogether, tax revenue collected by all 50 states dipped 1.9% last year between April and December. But not every state was created equal. In fact, 22 states actually increased revenues during that time. And Colorado was one of five states who finished the year up at least 5%. Why? The particular makeup of tax revenue streams varies from state to state. While Colorado has a big tourism industry, the state as a whole is less reliant on tourism than, say, Nevada. Tourism is an industry hit particularly hard in the past year. The number of higher-earning households, which have not experienced the same financial burdens as others for a variety of reasons, also has had an effect.

Going The Distance For Vaccines In The Mountain West | KUNC

Having an appointment to get vaccinated against COVID-19 is great…if you have a way to get there. Mobility challenges are nothing new, but the implications for vaccinating an entire population bring a new light to the issue. Some people might have access to public transportation or ride services, but those who live in rural areas might not have the same options. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, which only requires one dose, could help.

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VolatilityVolatility of returns is the measurement used to define risk. It describes the variation of price of a financial instrument over time. The greater the volatility, the higher the risk.

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