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News You Should Know: House Passes SECURE Act 2.0

Cherry Blossoms in full bloom with the United States Capitol Building in the distance.
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House Passes ‘Secure Act 2.0.’ Here’s What That Means for Retirement Savings | CNBC

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a major piece of legislation, dubbed SECURE Act 2.0. The bill would make a number of changes related to retirement planning, including raising the age at which retirees must begin taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) and increasing catch-up contribution limits.

Medicare Enrollees Can Now Get Free COVID-19 Tests at Drug Stores | CBS News

When the Biden administration issued a mandate in January that private insurers must cover the cost of at-home COVID tests, Medicare was notably absent from the directive. As of April 4, Medicare enrollees now can get up to eight free at-home COVID tests per month from participating pharmacies.

Fed Is Raising Interest Rates. How Do Retirees Benefit? | Kiplinger

The Federal Reserve announced in March that it would raise its key interest rate, and more rate hikes are coming in 2022. Fed rate increases can affect consumer finances in a number of ways, and those higher rates can be especially beneficial for anyone who buys an annuity.

Still Haven’t Received Your Tax Refund? Here’s What the Holdup Could Be | CNET

Monday, April 18 is the deadline for filing federal tax returns with the IRS. If you’ve already filed but are waiting on your tax refund, here are a few common reasons why refunds can be delayed.

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