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News You Should Know: Federal Reserve Makes Another Big Rate Hike

Close-up photo of the United States Federal Reserve System logo printed on a dollar bill
Photo credit: Petr Vdovkin/Getty Images

Another Big Fed Rate Hike to Battle Inflation. Economy Hangs in Balance | NPR

The Federal Reserve issued another .75% increase for its benchmark interest rate. It’s the fourth time the Fed has raised rates this year, marking some of the most aggressive action the Fed has taken to fight inflation in decades. The question is whether the moves will be able to rein in inflation without hurting the economy.

FBI Warns of Fake Crypto Investment Apps Spoofing Financial Institutions | ThinkAdvisor

Cybercriminals appear to be trying to capitalize on the cryptocurrency trend. The FBI warned recently that scammers are posing as legitimate financial institutions, creating fake websites and apps to steal victims’ money. The FBI has so far identified 244 victims who have lost approximately $42.7 million.

Wearable Activity Trackers Encourage Us to Walk Up to 40 Minutes More Each Day — ScienceDaily

New research shows wearable activity trackers — such as FitBit devices or Apple Watches — can have measurable effects on people’s fitness habits. The review of several hundred studies found activity trackers encourage people to walk an average of 40 minutes more per day. That’s encouraging news in the fight against conditions for which a lack of activity can be a contributing factor, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Planning to Retire in the Next 3-5 Years? What to Consider Today | Kiplinger

If you’re within a few years of retirement age, it’s time to start thinking more seriously about what that transition is going to look like. Here are some key factors to consider as you make final preparations and adjustments to your retirement plan.

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