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News You Should Know: Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rates Again

A close-up view of the facade of the Federal Reserve building in Washington, DC
Photo credit: pabradyphoto/Getty Images

Fed Issues Biggest Rate Hike in 22 Years | CNN

The Federal Reserve announced another interest rate increase aimed at reining in inflation – this time a half-percentage point hike. That’s the largest single increase since 2000, and they’re not done yet. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said additional half-point increases are possible later this year.

Older People Fret Less About Aging in Place: AP-NORC Poll | The Associated Press

A recent poll found that a large majority of older Americans want to age in place – either at home or with family or friends. But the poll also found differences in preparedness to do so, with people 65 years and older being more likely to feel prepared to age in place.

A Reduction in Medicare Part B Premiums Remains in Play. Here’s Where Things Stand | CNBC

Earlier this year, officials said the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would be reexamining its Medicare Part B premium hike, and potentially reducing it, after Medicare announced changes to its coverage of an expensive Alzheimer’s drug. There’s a chance that reduction could come in 2023 instead of this year, if it happens.

Moving in Retirement? Here’s How to Keep Costs Down and Maintain Flexibility. | Barron’s

Most retirees opt to stay put when they’re done with their working years, but many choose to move, either to a favorite vacation spot or somewhere with a more affordable cost of living. Here are some factors to consider before moving, as well as some tips for a successful relocation.

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