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News You Should Know: DB Retirees Have $1.3 Trillion Economic Impact

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Pensionomics 2021 | Measuring the Economic Impact of DB Pension Expenditures | NIRS online

Retirees with a pension generated $1.3 trillion in total economic output in 2018, according to this recently released study. That economic activity supported nearly seven million jobs. The study included public sector and private sector pension systems and is similar to a report PERA releases.

Financial planning considerations after the loss of a spouse |

The death of spouse is not only difficult—it also often results in making changes like where to live, how you spend your time, and, yes, finances. This article walks readers through some of the financial changes surviving spouses might need to address. Thinking through these scenarios as part of your planning process now, as opposed to waiting until you are forced to deal with it later, can prevent unnecessary stress.

More Americans Are Saving Than Ever Before, Though in Unequal Amounts | Yahoo Finance

This article unpacks a study that looked at long-term savings trends. One big trend is that, since 1989, more people own some type of financial asset. But the details tell a murkier tale. For example, more Black and Latino families have financial assets of any type, but the average value saved is 10 times less than white families, on average. Single parents of any race also face similar gaps in saving amounts.

Mark Your Calendar: 6 Birthdays to Know for Retirement | Kiplinger

Turning 65 is an important milestone to reach when it comes to retirement. Why? That’s when you become eligible for Medicare, which can significantly reduce healthcare costs. But that’s not the only birthday that’s important when you’re thinking about retirement. Here are a few other ages to keep in mind.

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  1. Lynn Michael says:

    Will the cost of living raise for retired people be larger than last year?? The last raise made little to no help considering the cost of living was considerably higher. The rent costs in Colorado exceed the cost of living compared to other states. My rent is better than half of my retirement check, I’ve had to return my car to the agency and buy an old car because I could no longer afford to pay the payment and insurance and still pay rent.

  2. Abe martinez says:

    From what I read it will be the same as last year 1.25% although there is some good news President Biden wants to eliminate the windfall effect knowing as Gop
    Wep the penalty that we pay for working state government or teachers or civil servants that have a private pension like Pera. This will give you more on your Social Security when you retire from there.

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