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News You Should Know: Colorado Considering New Tax Credit for Teachers

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Colorado May Pay Back Teachers Who Buy Their Classroom Supplies | The Colorado Sun

Public school teachers often dip into their own pockets to pay for classroom supplies and other needs, and a bill under consideration in the state legislature aims to provide some financial relief. The bill, HB23-1208, would provide a tax credit of $1,000 to teachers who teach for a whole school year.

Goldman Analysts No Longer Expect Fed Rate Hike in March After SVB Failure | Reuters

The recent failure of Silicon Valley Bank and other banks is raising questions about the Federal Reserve’s efforts to rein in inflation. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell had said his agency would continue to raise interest rates, but analysts say it’s now less likely the Fed will do so at its March 22 meeting.

Eli Lilly Cuts Price of Insulin, Capping Drug at $35 Per Month | NPR

Eli Lilly, one of several major drug companies that produce insulin, says it will reduce the prices of some of its older versions of the drug later this year. The company said it will cut the list price of Humalog and Humulin by 70 percent in the fourth quarter. Lilly is also setting a $35 cap on monthly out-of-pocket costs for people with insurance.

10 Most Underestimated Retirement Living Expenses | AARP

If you’re nearing retirement, it’s likely you’re thinking about how your expenses might change when you’re no longer working. This list from AARP explains the top 10 expenses retirees face, including some that people tend to overlook.

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  1. Eric "Ric" Rogers says:

    is there any way that this could become retroactive? I suppose Not as it would probably break the treasury. My wife spent, at leas that much each year for 34 years. Also, I had to quit coaching because my coaching assignments actually cost me money.
    This is just a thought and, most likely a pipe dream< but it doesn't hurt to ask. have a good day.

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