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News You Should Know: Bill Would Allow 401(k) Withdrawals for Long-Term Care Insurance

A young nurse helps an elderly man who is using a walker
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House Bill Would Allow 401(k) Withdrawals to Pay LTC Premiums | National Association of Plan Advisors

A new bill under consideration in Congress would allow people to take tax- and penalty-free withdrawals from their retirement accounts to pay for long-term care insurance. The change would apply to 401(k), 403(b), 457(b) and IRA accounts, if passed.

The Pandemic Has Widened the Gap Between Women and Men’s Retirement Savings. What to Know About Catching Up | CNBC

New survey found only 19 percent of women say they’re confident they’ve saved enough money for retirement, compared to 35 percent of men. In 2013, that gap between men’s and women’s confidence was just 9 percentage points.

I Turned 30 and Moved Into a Retirement Community for 2 Years. Here’s What I Learned | Today

A weekend trip to visit her parents at their retirement community in Florida turned into a much longer stay for Christina Manna when the coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020. Here are some life lessons she learned from living among retirees.

Grab a Plate With Nonna Pia — TikTok’s Favorite Italian Grandmother | Next Avenue

Pia Quaglieri, 83, loves to cook for her family in New Jersey. And now that her grandson is sharing videos of her cooking on the social media app TikTok, she’s sharing her passion for food and family with millions of others as well.

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