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News You Should Know: Biden’s Health Care Agenda

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What Biden’s Election Means For U.S. Health Care And Public Health | NPR

Health care issues were a prominent theme during the 2020 campaign for candidates up and down the ballot. President-elect Biden made health care issues, ranging from the future of the Affordable Care Act to government responses to COVID-19, central to his campaign. This story outlines his policy initiatives on multiple health care topics. His ability to pass legislation on these issues, however, likely rests on the outcome of runoff elections in Georgia, which will determine the party that controls the Senate.

One spouse’s view of aging may sway the other’s health | Futurity

Do you have a negative outlook about getting older? It’s not just your mental health that could be at risk. A study of nearly 6,000 people over 50 showed that, for people with a partner, that negative outlook had a detrimental effect on their spouse’s health. Want to sidestep this self-fulfilling prophecy? Being open to sharing concerns with your spouse and seeking outside help when needed are simple steps to address negative feelings.

Does Your Credit Score Matter in Retirement? | Money

You don’t plan to buy another house. Your car is paid off. Kids are out of college. It’s easy to assume watching your credit score is a younger person’s game when the expenses listed above are out of the way. Don’t be fooled. You might want to refinance a mortgage. Some long-term care facilities run credit checks. These are just two reasons to keep an eye on your credit score in retirement.

Are Your Retirement Savings Ahead of the Curve? | US News

Let’s be honest. Thinking about your personal finances often leads to wondering what friends and neighbors are doing with theirs. To that end, it’s easy to find articles that show what average 401(k) balances are based on age. This article adds an additional component that’s just as important—average savings rate by age bracket. While most financial advisers would probably say the only person you should be concerned about is you, some people might find this type of comparison to be just the motivation they need to start saving—or to save even more.

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  1. Glenn says:

    We do not have a President elect at this point, no one has been elected President. The media is a lying sack of garbage they can not call the election of the President.

  2. CC says:

    yes Biden is the President Elect and it’s Donald Duck that is the lying piece of Gargbage. Get a clue Glenn. Trumpis a failed Business leader, consumate liar, draft dodging coward, tax cheating, soon to be Orange jailed clown. Get on the bus, the Biden bus and ditch the LOSER.

    • Melana Gage says:

      It is sad to hear an adult talk like this about our president . Whether you like him or not you owe a degree of respect to the office and our country, How can we expect our children to be good citizens like this. Please think about the example you are showing.

      • Carol Jackson says:

        Why have almost 300 thousand human beings died under this President
        and he refused to Encourage Americans Citizens to wear to Mask and Follow Science that he knew would save lives,
        Why are you defending him, instead of him defending you, the American Taxpayer, yet he will Defend Putin & Kim Jung UN …hmmm
        Lastly why does he have a bank account in China and pays more taxes there than, he does in America?…
        Please Research and get 2 more sources along with Fox news before answering

        • Jann Todd says:

          The reason so many have died is the dems set the virus loose. They were in China at the lab that the virus came from. This was all done to get rid of Trump since the impeachment process didn’t get rid of him. Pelosi and the dems tried before he was in office and for almost 4 years to get rid of him. The dems don’t care about Americans or any other people. So the pandemic has killed thousands world wide due to the dems selfishness. Plus he was telling the people how bad Pelosi and other dems were.

  3. Martha Dancy says:

    The dems are becoming communists and there is no freedom with communism. We are getting a dose now with all the lock downs and prejudice against churches that the governors have. If the party were like it was during Kennedy’s time, it would be different but now it is too far left.

  4. Suz says:

    Regarding the ACA, the part that no one addresses is the very high deductibles! Deductible for a single person is about $6000… regardless of a low premium or not, who can afford that?

    • PJF says:

      Absolutely! High premiums, high deductibles! Those who pay their own way by working for their own benefits get to pay for those who are uninsured and can not afford it. I feel so priveledged.

  5. Lynda Gile says:

    I love my PERA health care options. Worry constantly that Biden and crew will take them away.

  6. JA says:

    The Republican Party is a cult of Donald Trump sycophants. Trump is a fascist who said that the election was going to be rigged forever, even before the election was held. He incited the mob on Jan. 6 to do his bidding and stopped the certificate of the electoral count. His lies will only lead us to lose our democratic republic and ensure that his brand of hatred, racism, and one man rule is the future we leave our children.

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