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News You Should Know: Beyond Inflation

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More Groceries, Less Gas: The Pandemic Is Shaking Up The Cost Of Living | NPR

Paying more for groceries lately? You’re not alone. The higher grocery prices you’re experiencing are widespread, as captured by traditional inflation statistics. But statistics are just the starting point. Most traditional measures track a set number of goods and services across time. But groceries aren’t just more expensive; we are buying more of them as we eat more meals in than we did before. This cumulative effect can lead to a greater hit to your monthly budget than bottom-line measures of inflation might indicate.

How to Invest If You’re Starting Your Retirement Savings at 40 | US News

Let’s face it. Not everybody starts saving for retirement out of the gate. That’s OK. As the saying goes, the best time to start is right now. If you’re turning 40, you still have time but realize your plan will likely look different from someone starting at 35 or 25. This short guide will walk you through approaching this subject with your particular time horizon in mind.

What’s Your ‘Money Type’? Knowing It Could Help You Avoid a Financial Blunder | Kiplinger

What does your personality have to do with retirement? This article explores the personality-driven framework one wealth adviser uses when working with clients. An important takeaway: there is no “ideal” personality. For example, a conservative, savings-oriented individual might stash away more than someone who isn’t. Seems great, right? However, those same cautious tendencies might lead that person to building a risk-averse portfolio that racks up poor returns, squandering the advantage of good savings habits. In the end, the goal of this exercise is rather philosophical: know thyself.

Dreaming of retiring abroad? Here’s what you need to know |CNBC

Retiring abroad can seem like a romantic notion. But it also can be a practical decision, one made in order to be closer to family or to stretch your retirement savings. Whatever the reason, you’ll have a different set of questions to ask than someone retiring stateside. For example, the country you’re considering might have excellent, low-cost health care for citizens, but you might need to first “buy in.”

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  1. Marilyn J. Kaes says:

    Whether you eat at home our out at a restaurant, it’s all still food and it all adds up as groceries on my budget! And I am paying ALOT more for it!

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