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News You Should Know: Beware of This Medicare Phone Scam

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‘Becky From Medicare’ Robocall is Sweeping the Nation | AARP

Retirees across the country have received fraudulent calls from people claiming to work with Medicare and offering unnecessary genetic testing. AARP put these callers under the microscope and found that while the scam is unlikely to cost Medicare recipients anything directly, such scams can cost Medicare billions of dollars a year.

Is It Safe for Retirees to Buy Cryptocurrency? | The Motley Fool

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been growing in popularity in recent years. They’re notoriously volatile, and that can mean the potential for big gains and also big losses. Here are some things retirees should consider when looking at investing in cryptocurrency.

Amazon Launches an Elder Care Subscription Service, ‘Alexa Together’ | TechCrunch

Last year, Amazon launched the Care Hub, which allows family members to keep an eye on aging relatives, with their permission. With a new subscription, Amazon is looking to expand the service with additional features like an emergency help line and the ability to add more caregivers, like a neighbor or additional relatives.

Falls are Increasing in Older Adults. Here are 5 Ways to Prevent Them | Livestrong

Falls are on the rise, and they are the leading cause of injuries in older Americans. Here are some simple steps retirees can take to reduce their risk of falling — from making some updates around the house to staying in shape.

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