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Seeking Candidates for 2018 Board Election

The Board of Trustees of Colorado PERA is a group of 16 professionals who are responsible for overseeing PERA’s investment program and the administration of PERA’s benefits. (However, the Colorado General Assembly, with the approval of the Governor, has responsibility for changing PERA benefits or contributions.) All Trustees serve as fiduciaries and as such must act in the best interest of all members and retirees.

State law describes the responsibilities of the Board and the process for Trustees to be selected.

Twelve Trustees are elected by PERA members and retirees, three Trustees are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate, and the State Treasurer serves as an ex officio Trustee. The Board of Trustees meets at least five times per year and is responsible for adopting the rules and policies for the administration of PERA. Elected Board members serve without pay, but are reimbursed for necessary expenses.

In May 2018, Colorado PERA will hold an election for the following seats on the Board of Trustees:

  • One School Division position
  • One State Division position (must work for a higher education employer)
  • One Local Government position

Candidacy packets may be obtained January 2, 2018, through February 28, 2018, by sending an email to or by writing to:

Colorado PERA
Internal Audit Division
1301 Pennsylvania Street
Denver, CO  80203-5011

To be placed on the ballot, a candidate must fulfill the requirements explained in the candidacy packet. Requests for candidacy packets should include the candidate’s name, PERA Division of membership, mailing address, email address, and daytime telephone number. Candidates will be subject to a background check. State Division members must also indicate whether they are a participant in the PERA Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution Plan and for which higher education employer they work.

More information on serving as a Trustee.

Details on current Trustees may be viewed here.

Defined benefitA mandatory retirement savings plan in which a participant’s future benefits are known or can be calculated, but contributions are subject to adjustments. Defined contributionA voluntary plan in which participants can save pre-tax income for retirement. Contributions are “defined” by the employee, but the future benefit is not guaranteed.


  1. How much are these trustees paid and will all of the professionals the govt. proposes to appoint be paid positions at professional wages???

    • Colorado PERA says:

      Dear Ms. Sena,

      Member-elected Trustees serve without compensation and are reimbursed for necessary expenses. The three Governor-appointed Trustees receive a small per meeting stipend.

  2. Mike says:

    The State not contributing to our fund is a blatant disreguard to the state pulling our retirment money out back in 2000 that they have failed to pay back. It is not the employees responsabilty to cover what the state has already pulled out.

  3. Dr. Gloria Trujillo-Sanchez says:

    Too bad that I missed the submission date for applying to the PERA Board. Please let me know if ever a vacancy occurs in the near future. Thank you.

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