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Colorado PERA Board Election Reminder

Board Election
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Colorado PERA members will be receiving ballots for the 2016 Board Election in May. This year, members of the State, School, Local Government, and Judicial Divisions will be casting their votes for Trustee candidates. The State Division and School Division seats are for four-year terms. The Local Government position is a two-year term and the Judicial Division position is a three-year term. There will not be an election for either of the two Retiree seats on the Board this year, and because there was only one candidate for the Denver Public Schools (DPS) Division, current Trustee Amy Grant was appointed in March by the Board to a four-year term filling the DPS seat when her term expires on June 30.

The following Trustees will be leaving the Board when their terms expire on June 30:

  • Rich Delk of the State Division who has served on the Board since 2008
  • Amy L. Nichols of the School Division who has served on the Board since 2000
  • Brian T. Campbell of the Judicial Division who decided not to run in 2016 after filling a vacancy created in 2015 when the Honorable Richard Gabriel was appointed to the Colorado Supreme Court

Bob Lamb, the current Local Government Division Trustee, was appointed to a Board vacancy in 2015 and is seeking to complete the remainder of the two-year term.

This year, voters will be able to vote using the Internet, by phone, or by mailing in their ballot. The voting deadline is May 31, 2016.

Ballots will contain biographical information on the candidates running in each division. Candidates also provided responses to a series of questions about PERA. These responses may be viewed here.

As a reminder, all Trustees serve as fiduciaries. This means that they must act in the best interests of all plan members and benefit recipients. Trustees are not compensated for their service on the Board, but are reimbursed for necessary expenses.

For more details on the PERA Board of Trustees, please see this PERA on the Issues article.

See information on current Trustees.

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