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PERA On The Issues has been keeping PERA members informed since 2012. Soon, you’ll see some exciting changes. Watch this video to preview these changes, or find a summary below:

  • You’ll soon see a new, updated website and email newsletter. The new design is a bit more streamlined and modern. It was made with mobile use in mind as nearly half of all readers visit the site on their smartphones.
  • We’ve done some reorganizing. Story categories have been adjusted to better capture the types of stories we cover.
  • Stuck on a word? We strive to make retirement topics accessible to everyone. But technical terms are sometimes unavoidable when talking about retirement. Our new Definitions Tool should help. If you see a term with a green bar underneath, hover your mouse or tap your phone. You’ll get a simple definition without leaving the story. This on-demand resource gives you additional context if you want it while streamlining your reading experience if you don’t.
  • Some things haven’t changed. As we bring PERA On The Issues into the future, we remain committed to delivering what our readers have come to expect: retirement news from a PERA perspective.
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  1. JEANNE C FUCHS says:

    I hate change! Usually it’s for the worse. I hope this is the exception. Good luck with it!

    (How about announcing the end of Social Security’s grab of 2/3 of my entitled payment just because I receive a Colorado pension?)

    • Mike Arnold says:

      I agree with you regarding the Windfall Act. I qualified for the full amount and paid my dues and once again the govt. takes what should be ours. I keep hearing this might change, but what about all we lost and were owned years ago even if it does change. Sure don’t intend to hold my breath.

    • Patsy Turnbull says:

      Boy oh boy! Do I ever agree with Jeanne’s comment. I worked part time jobs for many of the 30 years I was a DYC employee. My social security is minimal, no many how many years I worked and earned it. Disappointing.

  2. Neva Taylor says:

    Thank you for the recent changes regarding issues. I am most interested in the reduction in health costs and health insurance. Health insurance is the highest expense I have and is challenging for the budget.

  3. Peg Clover Stipek says:

    Thank you, this revised newsletter looks more user friendly.

  4. CharacterHasNoColor says:

    Thank you.

  5. Marsha Jackson says:


  6. David Plati says:

    I, too, have worked a lot of jobs outside of the state one. Why should I be penalized and not receive what I paid into both PERA AND FICA? Not fair … I EARNED THAT MONEY!!!

  7. Steve Howard says:

    Thanks for having the videos Closed Captioned. It helps to understand them.

  8. Tim Hoopingarner says:

    Question: is there any place, at the federal or state level, where the Windfall Elimination Program is under review? Is there any chance of me accessing the Social Security finds I would otherwise receive?

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