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2023 PERA Town Halls Scheduled for July 12

Save the date: This year’s live Town Hall meetings with PERA leadership will take place on Wednesday, July 12.

PERA holds Town Halls each year after the release of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), which contains details on the Plan’s finances and membership for the previous calendar year. The PERA Board of Trustees released the 2022 ACFR at its June 16 meeting.

The Town Halls are a chance for members and retirees to receive the latest updates from PERA leaders and have their questions answered live.

Click here for highlights from last year’s Town Halls.

This year’s Town Halls will once again be virtual, with the option to participate online, via social media, and on the phone.

Event details

Date: Wednesday, July 12

Meeting times:

  • 10:00 a.m. MT for retirees
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  • 6:00 p.m. MT for active members
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How to participate

Both Town Halls are open to anyone who would like to participate, but the content of each will be tailored to its respective audience.

Recordings will be available for on-demand viewing after the live events conclude.

Visit for more information on how to participate.


  1. wayne t descant says:

    please try to convince congress to repeal WEP i am from louisiana i work for the state for the last 20 plus years, but before that i did 20 years at coca cola i get cut on ss almost 400.00 dollars. thank you an have a good day

  2. says:


    Although an opportunity for “members and retirees to receive the latest updates … and have their questions answered live.” from PERA Board & Staff (PERA B.S.) is offered, my experience over the last dozen years is, at best, these are dog and pony shows. At worst, they railroad “active members and retirees” into accepting (or appearing to accept) draconian benefit cuts and contribution increases. Nevertheless, “retirees and active members” should give it a go at asking when and how PERA will start to actively lobby (the legislature and governor) for a COLA, and lobby Congress to support H.R. 82 to repeal Social Security’s GPO and WEP. LOL!

    Albeit, if either an “active member or retiree” has a technical (or rhetorical) question about the recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), the Town Hall might be a good venue to ask it (?). As for me, I’m at a loss for how PERA B.S. seemed to twist a statutorily mandated “fiduciary duty,” into a “financial investing” goal? Right there on page 125 of the CAFR, is what I interpret PERA B.S. as saying they’re more concerned with riding a gravy train for job security, doling out investment management contracts, and helping the legislature withhold appropriate employer contributions to the pension fund (over retirees’ immediate and mid-range interests…and of course in the long run we’re all dead). I won’t reproduce the two relevant paragraphs here, but what I’m referencing is easily found on page 125 of the CAFR.

    Of course, it’s merely my interpretation…but I’ll wait until the Town Hall to decide if I want clarification. Along with why do they divide “members” from “retirees” in two different Town Hall sessions??? Is it because “active members” are paying more in contributions and “retirees” are receiving less in benefits, as though “active members” and “retirees” don’t share the same concern for the overall health of their pension fund? Perhaps it’s because the old tactic of divide and conquer is at play. I can’t believe current workers don’t know what is deducted from their salaries for PERA, and why retirees can’t figure out they get a 1% annual adjustment this year, but they both need different meetings to explain it?

    Thanks for reading, – G M Santo

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