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Updated 2/8/2016

Thank you for your feedback! The survey is now closed. We will be using the results from the survey as we develop content for 2016. In the meantime, here are your favorite posts in 2015, as measured by total views:

2015 Top 10 Articles

Proposed Federal Legislation Could Eliminate Windfall Elimination Provision

What’s the Deal with the WEP and GPO?

Robbing From Ourselves: Why Our Ancestry May Be to Blame

Correcting the Math on the Windfall Elimination Provision

Retirement Roundup: Denver Ranks Third Best for Retirees

More About Social Security Benefit Reductions

Retirement Roundup: What’s a Cadillac Tax?

Ten Things to Know Before You Retire

Independent Report Finds PERA Efficient and Effective

Retirement Roundup: Focus on Retirement Income, Not Investment Return

Now tell us what you want to see more of this year!

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  1. Virginia M.Ross says:

    I like to see articles about how PERA is doing since it is my main means of support.

  2. D. Gorre says:

    I’d like to know how much PERA has saved $ since SB01-10 was supported by PERA & passed through legislation moreover, ignored by CO Supreme Court. I figure I’ve lost about $7000 in earnings even though I had a CONTRACT (Those who retired between ’01-’06).

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