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Retirement Roundup: 10 ways to get ready for retirement after age 50

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10 ways to get ready for retirement after age 50 | U.S. News & World Report

The decade leading up to retirement is your last chance to build a significant nest egg. The decisions made in your 50s will impact the retirement benefits you receive and how much you will be able to spend safely for the rest of your life. 10 tips can help build your savings and cut back on spending to keep your retirement plans on track.

The secret to a happier, healthier life: Just retire | MarketWatch

Retirement is likely to improve your overall happiness and health, according to a working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research that looked at the effect of retirement on people’s well being and health. And that improvement happens immediately.

These 3 tips from the rich can help you build wealth | Time-Money

For its recent Insights on Wealth and Worth report, U.S. Trust asked more than 600 high-net-worth individuals how they built their wealth and what behaviors they attribute most to their financial success. Three practical tips that came from multiple responses can be used by ordinary savers to enhance their financial security.

For many women, adequate pensions are still a far reach | The New York Times

The majority of women over age 70 rely on Social Security for most of their income, with an average monthly check of around $1,300. Many women of that generation did not qualify for retirement benefits because they took time away from the workplace, or worked part time, to raise children or tend to aging parents. But workers in disciplines like health care, education and public administration are more secure than their peers. For example, according to a report released in March by the National Institute on Retirement Security, only 4 percent of retired women over 65 who worked in education are poor.

Medicare vs. Medicaid in nursing homes | Squared Away Blog

When a spouse or parent requires long-term care, quality is the top priority. But a report last year by the US Government Accountability Office cited concerns about the quality of the federal data essential for monitoring the quality of care in nursing homes. And care quality is intertwined with affordability, payment sources, and dramatic changes under way in nursing home economics.

The truth about retiring by 70 | CNBC

Americans are retiring later, but that’s not the whole story. While there’s plenty of evidence that financial pressures on retirees are growing, there are also clues that Americans are growing more prepared for the challenges they’ll face in their golden years.

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